Monday, June 30, 2014

On Wednesdays we wear Black

... like every other day.

The Sassenhein lake greeted me again. with a touch of summer this time. At this lake is a pavilion with patio overlooking the water. Two days ago this place was the stage to the local summer fair. Summer weather was one wish too much, but aside that it was lovely. The merchants and the little stalls of home made marmalade and vintage utensils charms me. I particularly like the brocante stands, where you cannot know in advance what to find.

❤ Dry wood for the fire, heat up that cauldron! ❤

The cauldron on fire is a traditional Hungarian way of preparing gulyás soup (in English known as Goulash I believe). The installation is called bogrács. One of the stands on the fair was selling hand forged bográcses from Hungarian origin and gulyás according to authentic recipe

❤ Witch outfit; skirt H&M, top Mango, vest from the back of my closet. Black flower hairband is a DIY black hairband with black flower clips attached to it; so easy and so successful!  ❤

❤ Kiss Me in the Kitchen  ❤

Oh this pot holder / oven mitten is an item that I have seen on another fair, about two years ago and I have always regretted not having bought it. This time fortune was on my side, it was even on sale! €4 only! The little black dress is my apron for the rare occasions that I bake. The pearls are part of it.

My fair purchases included this cow horn and a lovely old-looking frame. The feathers are from my childhood home town, that I've collected two weeks ago.


My recent witch-y moods are most likely to be influenced by this horrific and intense series that I am watching these days. Just recently have I finished American Horror Story's third season: Coven, and oh my deer it was dark and twisted and beautiful.

Music to match the witch mood:
Brother Orchid - Season of the Witch

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Well, I've often seen a cat without a grin, but a grin without a cat!

 'It's the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!', said Alice.

It's been a little while ago already, but then again, it is always late..
I celebrated my birthday with my dearest friends in my cozy backyard, with an Alice in Wonderland theme. The inspiration for that came from a book that my brother offered me, that I show later in this post. Elselien and bf helped me with the preparations. Thanks dearies for making that evening such a great one!

Painting the roses red. Drew and cut these myself, inspired from my new book! ❤
The teapot had a great use of holding together the bouquet of field flowers I had hunted for the day before. Almost daily I see them along the roads on my way to town. The lovely thing about field flowers is that, since they don't live long, the offer varies majorly every day. The purple ones on these picture disappeared even from the fields two days after I plucked some. 
Elselien helped decorating the bottles, what a astonishing result we accomplished! The bottles contained pear- and applejuice, coke and a couple of different sweet wines.

Our conifer hedge was decorated with roses and mini teacups and tea pots and of course, a Cheshire cat plush and a few seasonal decorative hearts. In the flower pots we put our glowing and color-changing mushroom mood lamps, which nicely contributed the the magic mood.
Specially for this occasion I purchased a donut game, in which players must roll a die that will determine which of the plastic donuts must be added to the stack on top of the cup. The stack gets higher and higher and the player who will make the tower fall, anti-wins! The first picture shows us playing it.

This is the book that inspired my themed party and the decorations I made. Its English title is Everything Alice, which is a Wonderland Book of Makes by Hannah Read-Baldrey & Christine Leech. Thank you so much for this book, brother, I love it! It is full of DIY ideas for decorations of all sorts, for games, for hats, for treats and it has a couple of recipes for edible entertainment as well. The photos are beautiful and it is wonderfully illustrated with quotes from the original Lewis Carroll with matching drawings from the 1866 version of the book.
The card garland is a 3 meter long DIY project. It is basically one pack of cards glued back to back, which are unevenly distributed over a 6 meter long red ribbon.

“Little Alice fell 
the hole, 
bumped her head
and bruised her soul” 
(from somewhere in the internets)

Among the presents I received was a NintendoDsXL with Animal Crossing New Leaf!(yaaay, even more furniture to collect! Thanks bf!) and a High Tea that E and S will organize for us three (a tea party, so wonderlandish!). Elselien offered me the skull on the photo below. I love it! it is macabre and so goth. This inspires to me collect more bizarre things.

Mom offered me these Stackers stack-able jewelry box drawers. Last year she gave me the upper part and it come in so useful, that I told her I'd like the other parts of the set as well (the are purchased separately) and she remembered! Thanks mom!

 And honestly, I love white rabbits. As well as any other color rabbits for that matter!
  ❤  ❤