Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dead I am the sky, watching angels cry

Ready for the night ♥

Last weekend was the second edition of Nachtschade. This party is one of the way too few EBM industrial and synthpop parties around here. I had the greatest time dancing and socializing. The evening was great. weather was good, music was danceable and the people were friendly. Thanks for the great night I had, NachtSchade!

Preparation music of the evening: 
Rob Zombie yeah!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Valentine's look, red eyeshadow and heavy shading. Valentine's outfit; lace dress with transparent sleeve (vintage) and plain black leggings. All plain and simple, to not pull attention away from my face. 

 Booked a pretty hotel room in another town for the occasion. The room, located in the "authentic part" of the hotel had a stylish touch to it, with so many different textures, and still all matching together so well!

How to make a girl happy? Take her shopping. Zwolle is a perfect city for that. Aside from the main shopping street, we wandered into this cute hidden street full of the cutest (kitsch) shops ever! 

One shop that I want to mention particularly is Kunst&Klieder. This authentic, colorful shop shop inspired me so much! Colors and kitschy objects all over, this stuffed little shop is built on what used to be a bakery and a mill. The floor still shows traces of the old times. In the back of the shop is a tiny crappy room, which is stuffed with vintage and second hand items; paintings, cups, tea cans, wallpaper stamps and a little book corner, as shown in the pic above. The sign reads: Exchange your book. Rules: 1 hand in a book. 2 Choose one from here and take it with you". How cute is that?!

This street was decorated with lanterns, or what looked like lamp shades of all different colors and different shapes, garlanded between the buildings (also in the collage above).

Zwolle turned out to be cuter than I had remembered from past times I've been here. The shape of the old city still shows in the surrounding  star-shaped canals and the oddly organized streets. Parts of the old fortification are still visible, as well as many old towers, city gates and buildings. Also, a part with a petting zoo with Bunnies, chicken, goats of different sizes, an alpaca and two donkeys. Goats like attention, alpacas don't.

These roses are made of soap and float in water and slowly dissolve into the water, so romantic in the bathtub. These are from last years' valentine, but they are so pretty and I have such nice memories of them that they are totally worth posting.