Friday, April 4, 2014

The Sunday mass


Last weekend my love and me headed to the south of the country for a small weekend away. Saturday evening there was the Toxic party, which was the main reason to come to Tilburg. But of course a town visit couldn't be left out! Sunday morning, after a good and overly stuffing breakfast in the hotel, we walked through the old city center.

The weather was perfect; sunny and just the right temperature to wear just a small jacket. Also, Tilburg has beautiful churches, of which one was just outside our hotel window. At arrival I knew I had to see it from the inside!

The bottom picture is what I saw from the hotel window in the evening. The sun was setting, but still lit the golden Saint Joseph. The upper two photos are from our Sunday walk.  ♥

Mary looks ready to party with her gothic outfit. Her son is sleeping anyway. ♥

In the middle of the center full of buildings, suddenly there was this church with such a colorful garden! The grass was green and the pink magnolias were blooming fully. It was like this garden did not get affected by the curse of grey city-ness and weather. ♥

Never enough monsters and creepy depictions around churches to make you realize you need to confess.

"Look, I put my stick into the throat of this creature, because I'm bad ass with my weird hand tattoos." ♥


Saturday evening Tilburg hosted the Toxic party, which finally allowed us to show off our matching latex military outfits! The venue was pretty, with many different rooms decorated in different themes.

Latex is from Westward bound. Military hat from military shop, the bag is a vintage camera bag. ♥