Friday, January 2, 2015

Time is on our side...

Yet another year rushed by
like the falling leaves in the autumn storm winds,
with moments bright as the color of spring flowers and weeping sorrows too of course. The cycle starts over, altogether this was a good year to be me.

  I went to Paris with my love...

Partied hard
Toxic, Nachtschade, KinkFaktors, RKZ Halloween party, Dominatrix, Wasteland and others...

Studied a lot and got good grades

Without regret, shopped more than I should!

Continued decorating my home

Watched awesome series
Penny Dreadful, Sleepy Hollow, Teen Wolf, Arrow, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, The Originals and others not displayed, such as American Horror Story, The Lost Room and Veronica Mars.

Badly injured my arm sliding off a dolmen

Ate medieval food

Visited Bremen in December, which was so romantic!

Visited many other great places closer to home together
Like Tilburg to go to Toxic, Amsterdam several times, Utrecht just after Halloween and Zwolle for Valentines

Had a pink GlamGoth Christmas tree

 ♥ Did a catwalk show and had a few photo shoots in latex

Played Animal Crossing every single evening
New Leaf, offered to me for my birthday

And I created an Instagram
Go follow me! GlitterGunBunny