Sunday, May 19, 2013

Red and black and Tim Burton

One of my recent Fridays I was home alone and This is what my evening included:
Warm tea from my red cup and Tim Burton's book
'The melancholy death of Oyster boy and other stories.'

This is the cutest story of the book, I think.
This is the french book, hence the translations on the right page.

Awww, this bold dude likes his walls to be smeared with blood. I think his name is Jimmy.

Geniet ervan! Random text on my teabag tells me to enjoy it :) so cute.

In the theme of red; I took a picture of the roses the are on the TV-dressoir.

I had put my old Placebo Cd's on since I hadn't listened to them in ages and it was nice. I remembered why I liked them so much!

Here some outfit pictures I wanted to post for a while but life happened.
College outfit. (Boots Van Haren, skirt V&D, bag vintage)

Work outfit. (Sephora)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pink macarons and blood.

    On May 5th we celebrate the end of WWII. Usually there are huge festivals throughout the whole country. I, however, celebrated this sweet sunny Sunday with making a cycling tour with bf through some cute villages in the neighborhood. The was the first really-warm-and-comforatbly-sunny-day of the year. I had such a gigantic serotonin boost!

Tip of the day: sun increases the speed of serotonin production. And more serotonin increases happiness!

Me with my bicycle on a cycling trip. Here pausing at dolmen G1 near Noordlaren.

    Our goal was to reach Zuidlaardermeer and cuddle some goats that are at the Landal Greenparks resort over there. Sadly, we couldn't cuddle the goats due to fences, but we saw them. and they were adorable! There were three super silly-sounding baby goats and lots of fluffy chicken.

two baby goats with mother goat who is very happy btw!

Also the lake was beautiful, so relaxing! At the lake side the grass was so green I really had to lay down in it. a few seconds of direct sun on my skin were so delightful, they even warmed my core (I usually avoid direct sunlight, I want to keep my skin healthy and pale!).

Eventually we cycled about 35 kilometers. It was fantastic.

Enjoying the grass. I assumed since it was at a fancy resort, there are probably no bugs in the grass. That is how I allowed myself to lay down.

    Yesterday was wonderful weather too (until it started raining of course, dutch weather -.-). After school I went to town with my shopping buddy Eric and I managed to find the sun glasses I was looking for! Super very round with a black wire frame. Yay to the vintage shop Eric pointed out to me (no clue they had glasses there!).
Also yay to the dress E and I bought about two months ago, that I had finally cut shorter (a dress that touches the knees is waaay too long!) and was able to wear. The leggings were in my closet for way too long as well. I think together they make a cool outfit. And the Sephora hear band with big black bow really finishes of my classy doll look of the day.
In my hand: pink macarons. so yummy!

Eating macarons. Leggings (H&M), ankle boots (V&D), dress (second hand).
collage stribed doll
Glasses are new from a vintage shop in Groningen; Recessie 3.0

As for today: I got a phone call from the blood bank that they urgently needed my precious O negative blood, so I went there in the morning. I hope I save lives with my blood or that my blood will be used for science.
I matched my lipstick to match my blood color today. I succeeded pretty well. Lipstick is the Aqua Rouge from Make Up For Ever, number 9.

Biology lesson of the day: O negative can be donated to anybody with any blood type. However, people that have type O negative can only receive O negative blood, all the other blood types would be rejected by the body. Negative means that there is no antigen (in contrary of positive rhesus types, which often contain D-antigens). These antigens can provoke immune system responses. You preferably don't want that. You want to see what your blood type is compatible with? Click here

Me after donating blood at Sanquin in Groningen.

How donating blood evolved through the centuries.
In 1667 Richard Lower tried to have blood transferred from a sheep into a (mentally ill) human directly. This is what it looked like:
I wonder if either of the subjects survived and I'm happy donating blood advanced throughout time.