Friday, March 28, 2014

Red riding coat.

Last weeks the sun has shyly started to shine and I find it inspiring. Last Wednesday I put my inspiration to the test, going second hand shopping with mom and my personal style advisor, Eric. We got in the car and drove to Drachten, having heard this town has large and interesting secondhand shops. Eventually we spent the entire afternoon in only two shops. Large they were. And so cheap! Around 5 o'clock in the eve, we headed back home, all of us satisfied with our purchases.

Shopping outfit. Dress, Vero Moda; Tights, CoolCat; Necklace, New Yorker. ♥

New shoes, Van Haren. I bought a second pair after wearing them for one day. They fit all the requirements; cute, black, heels and comfy ♥

As for what I purchased on our shopping adventure; three bags. One backpack to replace the one I have now, completely worn off. Yet another camera bag, with red inside, and hard cover. This one needs some fixing, so no pics yet. And the third bag is more like a suitcase, British vintage style. When arriving home I realized it matches so perfectly with my British red coat! Proof below. 

Coat is a secondhand find from like ten years ago in Hungary, brand Collector. The suitcase is a vintage secondhand find. ♥
I can totally imagine myself, standing on the station to go to my childhood home for a day or two. Waiting for the bus, with this suitcase and that coat. Usually I go there with just a small purse with the necessary stuff, and when I return home, I am carrying bags full of stuff mom gives me, like flowers, food, magazines and of course stuff that we shop together. This suitcase will be perfect for these occasions!

Some dark semi metal music I have discovered recently and totally like:

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sunny afternoon in March

I really needed to get away from everything a bit, back to my roots, under the wings of mom and the comfort of my childhood home. As my friend Harmany said, no matter how young or old, moms fix everything. It was great being away and spend some time with her. But honestly, it was also very nice returning back to my independent adult life up here in the north.

The dress is one of my newest ones, originally from Vero Moda. I love how timeless it looks. ♥
Our lazy morning was spent sleeping and slowly waking up, being just on time for a ten o' clock coffee. Or tea for me.
Our afternoon was spent shopping and having a small improvised picnic at a nearby lake, with a fresh mix of melons and a pale late afternoon sun.

The faux pockets are just plain gorgeous!
During our shopventure we ended up in a hat shop and the woman put me into all sorts of hats. It took her a while to accept that I would only try on black hats, and no other color! I totally love the one below. I think I like it because I actually own a similar one, that I hardly ever wear. I didn't buy it. Even though with this classic look it would rock.