Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I call it "Chique-Trash"

Outfit of the day.

Wegde heels and torn pants. H&M.
Top with skull and studs. Coolcat.
knitted lace like top. Second hand, brand unknown.
Jacket, fake leather. Tally Weijl.
Make-up; Urban Decay, Benefit, Too faced.
Cat. Random on the street.

And Thanks to Elselien for taking the pics! Xoxo



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter brunch & bunnies

I know Easter is already a little while ago, but I really want to share my Easter pics and stories.

Easter means bunnies. Bunnies! And I totally encourage everybody to celebrate these cute fluffs at Easter.

Chocolate Easter Bun. Present from my honey :-)

Look at this absolutely adorable chocolate bunny. This was my Easter surprise present from boyfriend. I still haven't eaten it, because it is so pretty. I should devour it soon right?

Friday we had an Easter brunch with mom and all her kids (me, brother1 and brother2) and her bf and his kids (girl1 and girl2) and my bf. The brunch consisted of bunny shaped breads, boiled painted eggs with carrot-bunny ears (moms idea, so cool!) and lots of nice stuff to dress the breads. It was so cool. Everybody was happy (brother1 didn't show it off but also he was)! We took some colored chenille chickens and the kids had a great time with them, putting the chicks in everybody's hear. The mood was great. This was the best Easter brunch ever!

ImageCollage of Easter Brunch with family. Chenille Chicks all over, bunny shaped breads and cookies, painted eggs with bunny ears and mom with chicks in her hair. (chicks form AH)

Poepje investigating my choco-bun. She loves chocolate.

Chandelier with blood drops in our living room. (Praxis)

The house was decorated with bunnies. Bunny plushies, bunny little statues, posters, Lego buns and a couple of fake colored eggs. I think the greatest were the gargoyle bunnies on the chandelier. I will keep them there for the rest o the year, they look cool.
Even at un-Easter days out house is filled with bunny related things. There's a bunny plush on the arm of the couch, a couple upstairs. Many of our teacups have buns on them. I have a big cooking pot in shape of a bunny, and the same one in small (it contains buttons) and many such things. I am a bunny fanatic.

Bunny gargoyles. (Xenos)

Something very different: Brother1 (he's 17) got his snake bites. I went with him to the piercer and all went fine. They look so great!! Mom doesn't like it, but I totally support bro1 taking piercings. They will contribute to his body awareness and make him more confident. Also, I wish I would have taken piercings in my lips when I was his age, but I didn't dare (I didn't have an adult sibling to stand up for me). Besides, he is developing a style for his own, which is great. I'm proud of you brother!