Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My own top Twelve of bags.

I happily introduce my Twelve (or actually fifteen) most used bags. I actually do wear almost all of them!

This is Peter, he is one of the first ones. I got him from my mom. He is just big enough to carry my cigarettes, wallet, phone and eye liner. (Sasha)

Andrew is sort of Peter's brother. He is also small, but he is shiny. Just as Peter, Andrew witnessed many important happenings while going out. (second hand)

James and John are also early ones, they are brothers as well. The are fierce and big. These guys are serious! (second hand)

Philip here is dark (-er than seems on the picture) red. He has little feet and nice details. His inside is bright red, which reminds me of camera bags like the Simons. The cover is hard so it never loses shape and everything fits in it even though it doesn't look humongous. Even though he's not black, I really love Philip here. (vintage)

ImageBarthomolew (I like the name Nathanael more, reminds me of Gossip girl) is my newest one. He comes from a dark looking, tiny little hidden vintage shop. He was on sale the day I purchased him. I even taught (the no-so-smart) ladies in the shop how to calculate the remaining price after giving a discount (originalPrice*0.70), because the poor oldies were calculating one percent of the price, then thirty times that and subtracting that amount from the original price. Nathanaels cover is hard, Like Philips (that is how they are related, it is like Philip introduced me to hard covers and indirectly opened my world to Nathanael). (vintage)

Thomas is big, but he is also a softy (no hard cover like Nathanael and Philip). He loses his shape when he isn't loaded (with stuff that I shopped). Also, he is not entirely black, more like black denim. He made me doubt very much, since I don't like denim (am I too skeptical?), but I do like black. Eventually I bought him one day in extreme sale because he had caught my attention a couple of times before and I could use a bigger bag that day (came from work, loaded with good stuff). (V&D)

ImageThis lovely hand bag is from Esprit but bought in a second hand shop one day for €1.00! Since Matthew here is a small black handbag he goes well with dresses for special events, but he also remind me of tax collectors and therefore seriousness. For a job interview I would take him with me because he keeps his shape and looks fancy. He doesnt stay standing on the floor though, he falls. (Esprit, Second hand) 

James the Little here is not to be confused with James from the James & John brothers, therefore James here is sometimes called Thaddeus. I got him from my boyfriend last Christmas. This one is absolutely adorable and I wear him with me often. I got him together with Jude, who I introduce below. (H&M)

ImageJude here, is the brother of James the Little. He is baptized 'weekend bag' even though he is rather small for one. His inside is pink and he carries a pink envelope with him. This envelope is now empty but waiting for cute notes to be collected inside itself. I love the mix of shiny black and the pink satin inside. (H&M)

ImageThe camera bags here are all Simons, they are obscure. I have a weakness for camera bags because they have such unusual shapes. Also, I love how super red they are inside. All these are from different second hand shops. The most recent one is the rectangular one behind. He is yesterday's product of shopping with mom. Small Simon on the left is a lens-bag. He cannot contain anything really (except my lighter and a lipstick?) so he is not handy for going out. Big round Simon has such an absurd shape, I just love him. As for both rectangular Simons, they really have a good shape and size for everything I need to have with me for partying. (second hands)

ImageFinally here is Judas. He used to be awesome, charismatic and extremely handy (and so totally unfashionable that he matched perfectly with all my outfits). I have been mistaken for teacher once or twice when I wore Judas to the university. But Judas betrayed me a little when the metallic clips started to tear through the fabric. Maybe I over-estimated how much weight he could carry. Still he stays great, but I am not wearing him until I find a matching shoulder strap for him, since I cannot carry him by his handle anymore.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

At the third day she looked at all she had shopped and thought it wasgood.

Today I introduce a new category for my posts: I shopped. I did it two days in a row and I love it!

The first day was themed second hand shopping. With my friend we climbed through the streets filled with snow to go to the second hand shops that are scattered throughout the city. I bought a pretty Little Black Dress and a corset (no pic, sorry). The dress is purpler at the bottom and black at the top, in a dip-dye fashion, as Eric thought me. The sleeves have to be adapted a bit, they need to be more puffy. I will probably fix that tomorrow morning, because I want to wear this dress to my house warming party tomorrow!
Little Black Dress, Second hand.

After an intense day of walking through the heavy snow (we will have such muscled butts!) it seemed appropriate to hide inside my warm new house and drink hot chocolate with waaay too much whipped cream. It was a good day.

WTF-of-the-day: dress €15.00 and the corset €5.75 and altogether I payed €13.25  ....uhhhhhhhh?

The second day at 10.30hrs in the morning I decided to go to Utrecht to shop (big city in the center of the country) so I put on my naughty shoes (actually my comfy every day boots) and took the train at 11.01 hrs. And shopping I did!
Finally I found the fake leather jaket with the fake fur that I saw in a magazine last summer. And guess what, on sale!

ImageFake leather jacket from Tally Weijl.

Also, I found the Tally Weijl bunny thermos-mug that I wanted for so long! I saw it on the internets a while ago and decided I needed to have it. It was the last one in the shop and even half priced, yay me!

Bunny mug, Tally Weijl.

The mug has silver glitters and a pink glitter bunny. A pink glitter bunny!!
Other than that I also bought an etui for storing
pensmake-up and cute toe spreaders for nail-polishing. They are pink with silver glitter hearts.

At about 6 hrs in the evening I was back home where it was comfy and warm. Yet another successful day of shopping.

Dinner-of-the-day: Mushroom lasagne with paprika. Yum!

Monday, January 21, 2013

I got born today.

This morning, when I looked out my window, I saw that snow covered my world. After the entire Europe and all the rest of the country have been white for days, finally snow hit the north of the Netherlands.

This is me, in the snow, equiped with my snow boots, warm gloves and my spring jacket (because it matched the leather pants).

The snow made me decide. Fuck yeah, today I start blogging.