Monday, December 30, 2013


Taking pictures at the Sassenhein lake yesterday. Image
♥ Thanks for the pretty pictures, Elselien

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas dinner & Christmas on JohnnyWoof

Last evening we celebrated Christmas with my family and my Love. For the first time, we hosted the Christmas dinner, although mom provided the actual food. We provided our house and all the decoration, which, by the by, turned out fantastic. Unfortunately I had to work during the day, but my boss was so nice to let me go home earlier (thanks boss!). After dinner, presents happened. There were so many presents under the tree! The present I offered were all wrapped in leopard paper with black ribbon and custom name tags with golden lettering. Here come some pictures.

♥ My Christmas hat is black. Like my soul...

♥ Cosiness at home and Christmas dinner table. 

♥ Fancy lemon cake, sponsored by grandparent; Glühwein (German weird thing of spiced warm wine) at a Christmas fair lat Sunday and a cake snowman, yum ánd cute!

♥ My happy pink festive tree. This years theme of tree decorations; sweets. The tree contains full cakes, cake slices, (real) candy canes, cupcakes, a tea cup with can and ice creams.Previous themes were Alice in wonderland and Black.

♥ My little town, at a first-Christmas-day-walk.Lovely, the quietness on the streets!


Lately I've been playing a lot on the Johnny Woof server, especially on free days like these. Since I joined last October, I've got to know many cool people from all over the world, although the majority of players is from Belgium and UK I believe. Johnny (the owner of the server) himself is from the US.

I absolutely love how this server had a great community and people know each other and help each other. The cities are pretty and the people are friendly and talkative.

♥ A massive mushroom and new rose bushes. And Johnny (owner) and me.

These days I have been helping Moe (people who are on the server will know who I mean) with the design of his castle walls and making him a special bridge. Before that I helped Omega to make his flying castle look good from under, since I have flying abilities and he doesn't. Often I'm also online just to socialize.

♥ This morning the Christmas tree in Entropia had presents under it! I received diamond boots with the 'Bunnyhop' enchantment on them!

The main server is survival, but there is also a creative world with plots and in development are hunger games, mini games and a skyblock server extension. When joining you enter at the server hub, from which you can choose what world to go to. And one of the greatest things; there is a separate 'mineworld' that you can enter at any time, where you can mine, collect resources, destroy and grief all you want; it gets reset every week. :)

Survival/ No PvP/ 24-7/ Chest locks/ Protected build/ No Whitelist

This is my little online world with my online friends. I totally recommend this server for anyone who likes Minecraft.
server ip: and website:

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Birds

"Why are they doing this?
Why are they doing this?
They said when you got here, the whole thing started.
Who are you?
What are you?
Where did you come from?
I think you're the cause of all this.
I think you're evil!

-From: The Birds, 1963

At Halloween we started watching Hitchcock's 1963 'The Birds'. Due to partiness, we stopped half way and postponed the second half to one month later. Now, last Friday we watched the remainder. Our main conclusion was that movies were so different back then! Not full of action and heavy fighting. Scenes were much less hurried, there was actually time for characters to just sit down, light their cigarette (on the elementary school's playground!) and look around. Also the small amount of dialogue was surprising, which definitely added to the creepy mood.


♥ Crows and Seagulls. Way too many of them. ♥

♥ Tippi Hedren, actress of the main character. ♥

♥ And look who's here, on the corner of my mirror, evaluating my make-up before I leave home.


♥ These dead pretties have been accompanying me often, recently. The ring is from a long time ago (Accessorize), the earrings are my most recent purchase (Six). ♥


As for some other birds:

♥ Beautiful in its simplicity. BlackBaroque uses old book prints and mixes them into strange compilations and print them on vintage book pages. This one is still on my wish-list!