Sunday, September 1, 2013

New purchases

As promised; here is an "I-shopped" of my vacation.

♥ The golden Little Diva beauty case, the soft pink Guerlain bag (to contain my
little Miss Dior bottle) and the leopard eye cover I already had,
they were in my big zebra suitcase. New are the tights and the black lacy necklace. ♥

♥  The necklace was actually not bought in Hungary, but just before (H&M).
Under it is one of a series of three black notebooks (Søstrene Grene). ♥

♥ My first-of-the-season LBD with studs (or glitters). Yay, I love this one. I also wore it for traveling.
(super unknown brand and even unknown-er shop in Hungary)♥

Not sure whether to call this a sweater or a dress, but anyway I love it.
The details on the back are brilliant too; little bows and tiny golden jewels hanging from them.
Unknown brand and shop.

Other than that I shopped a lovely set of earrings in shape of massive silver crosses, which will surely pop by in my blog at some point. Also a new watch, that has a little bit of a vintage look, leather strap that goes around the arm three times and golden studs. Also, them most expensive of my purchases is a dress that I am wearing as I am writing this; black, tight, fierce. It reminds me of a military air hostess dress (uhh.. there is no such thing is there?)