Monday, November 17, 2014

Seven moons, eternal nights, wish a sky of thousand stars. For us there is no light...

Belated, I still wish to post my 2014 Halloween outfit. In the years past I have always attempted to create costumes out of the ordinary and this way I have never garmented myself as worshiper of occult gods. This year I decided to take the stereotypical Halloween witch outfit to another level. Not a scary, repulsive creature, but a messy Wiccan-like witch with references to the occult and a hint of sexy. I kept the pointy hat and broom though!

This fox couple in the picture below is from the local autumn fair last month

The dress is a vintage score from a long time ago, and combined with this shapeless lace vest from H&M and my black leather heels it gives the right witchy vibe. With black eye shadow, lots of back combing, braiding and plenty of hair spray I made my hair look all messy. 

The symbols are just doodles, scribbles from lose hand drawing with eye liner and I love the result!

I want to thank Elselien and Dylan for inviting us over before the big party and for their great costumes! And I want to thank E (picture above) for his untamable enthusiasm leading up to Halloween. Oh, the shopping we did!

Mood music: Sopor Aeternus