Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead

A few months ago I  impulsively bought this mannequin to display my clothing on. On the picture below the mannequin is wearing part of my Dominatrix party outfit, last March. My lovely friend Skeletons in the Closet let me borrow her handmade neck corset with black pearls and latex under-bust corset. The knee-length hoop-skirt (without skirt) is also by her hands.

The pink shoes are part of another party outfit I wore last March. Since I wasn't sure which pink would match better, I bought both pairs and since there was super-sale I thought it wouldn't hurt to also purchase those black shiny summer-wedges!  

The picture above is of my crafting table. This is where I like to sit with my sewing machine or any other crafts I feel inspired to from time to time. I like to surround this corner of my house with inspiring items, like these shoes, like fake flowers and real ones alike and these (very nicely priced) black frames I found recently with cock-feathers from the local petting zoo.

For the past two years I had a large painting of a boy with a colorful bird hanging above my purse-dressoir. Even though I loved that painting and still do, it was time for something less 'heavy' my lighter creative-room. This beautiful bronze cameo double candle lamps are the perfect replacement! They also help lighting the inside of my closets (that are both left and right from this picture).


Lately I have really been into buying black home decorations, mostly flower pots and vases. I also found this adorable black bunny! And by accident I ran into this decorative shelve with matching shelve holders in a DIY store and got the idea to make it into a shelve above my bedroom door.

The mirror is a present from mom.
This absolute goth-must-have is decorating my bedroom wall. 

Another gothic must-have: black baroque chandelier. 

Early spring look; Modified coat from H&M, big black scarf (also H&M), black high heel hoots (V&D) and black leggings with shiny filigrees on the sides (New Yorker). The brooch is a beautifully unique thrift shop find (better pics in the future!).

This frame holds a print from the The Resurrectionist (The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black) by E.B. Hudspeth. This book is totally on my wish-list! I have several prints from it in my house. There are many interesting drawings from this book on the internet, google it! It is a fictional biography of Dr. Black who digs into the possibility of the existence of mythological creatures and investigates their anatomy. Creatures we never expected to really be real, like mermaids, minotaurs and satyrs.

The purple tin contains a Amethyste scented candle that was brought to me from Germany. The fragrance is so smooth and sweet. I absolutely love it and it matches so well in our house!

Alchemy Amethyste Candle
by Fringe Atelier
Les curieux, Les rares et la belle No.8

My most recent purchase: this beautifully hand blown glass bell with bunny ears (V&D) and it magically fits on the black metal platter! Not sure what to put under it yet though! 

The items with the anatomical heart drawing and monsieur Owl are actually wooden boxes that you can put your own photos in. I secretly stole these pictures from the internets. The boxes contain bunny candies for my bunny-buns. Nom nom!

The title of this post refers to the into of Pretty Little Liars, that I have recently started watching and totally got addicted to! I am currently half way season two, but fortunately there are plenty of little and big lies to discover, since season 6 is aired this year.

Anyone else watching it?

Friday, January 2, 2015

Time is on our side...

Yet another year rushed by
like the falling leaves in the autumn storm winds,
with moments bright as the color of spring flowers and weeping sorrows too of course. The cycle starts over, altogether this was a good year to be me.

  I went to Paris with my love...

Partied hard
Toxic, Nachtschade, KinkFaktors, RKZ Halloween party, Dominatrix, Wasteland and others...

Studied a lot and got good grades

Without regret, shopped more than I should!

Continued decorating my home

Watched awesome series
Penny Dreadful, Sleepy Hollow, Teen Wolf, Arrow, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, The Originals and others not displayed, such as American Horror Story, The Lost Room and Veronica Mars.

Badly injured my arm sliding off a dolmen

Ate medieval food

Visited Bremen in December, which was so romantic!

Visited many other great places closer to home together
Like Tilburg to go to Toxic, Amsterdam several times, Utrecht just after Halloween and Zwolle for Valentines

Had a pink GlamGoth Christmas tree

 ♥ Did a catwalk show and had a few photo shoots in latex

Played Animal Crossing every single evening
New Leaf, offered to me for my birthday

And I created an Instagram
Go follow me! GlitterGunBunny